Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Unseen Truism

It was like soul-surfing across a torrent and surging stream of rapture. It was like mind-drifting through the serene forest of intrepid serendipity. It was like heart-soaring into the vast open air of gratitude...and it was like judicious-rifting within the cauldron of bequeathing blessedness.

In the year where wavering permanence and erratic solidity have been constant eventualities so far, yesterday was the first day of the year to be remembered for me. It was euphorically unnerving to say the least and in simple words...I was happy.

As I mature over the years from my humble creation, the iridescent gemstones of promising amity grow ever more profuse inside my propitious pouch of cherished chums. These adventurously wild and mildly cultured people of my life will forever be kept close to my heart, their good deeds perpetually committed.

I was delighted to receive so many well-wishes and wondrous feelings from adored and beloved friends through all means of contact, across lands encompassing this world, through various moments of the day. It made me feel remembered and cared for, it made me feel treasured and cherished...and it made me feel important.

The Rays of perpetual brilliance once again flickered fleetingly in my life. In its wake, it left me with imprints of an alternative opportunity in life. The small but intensely bright spring of luminosity engulfed me in its brief pithy of fiery inferno only to be smoldered rapidly into a dead ball of earth. The restoration of the Ruins to its former glory is a question of choice, not circumstantial.

Then there was a brief respite of sailing across the reprieving sanctuary at the Sea of infinite reaches of likelihood. But things have changed now and with the new found serenity in this vastness of open waters, the quietude is soothing. The charts have been interpreted and the course plotted. The navigation of affable affinity is inevitable.

Standing resolute at the point where I left off, I still face the coming tides of impediment. Picking up the columns of dedication from the aftermath of the previous onslaught has helped me to better lead the procession from my Cavalcade. For in the lead caravan I found my last vestige of Conscience that is leading me back to idyllic reality. The pilgrimage persists on.

But of late, the Night of endless reveries have been filled with inconclusive endings. The constant haggle of honest proposals have garnered me valuable insights of questionable and moot Nuances. When these have been deciphered, I hope to conclude the omnipresent vacillating sentiments of understanding. It is during the Night that I am at my best, existing in its reflection of idealistic aptness. It is like art imitating life.

After an eternity in exultant jubilation, I thank God for the life that has been bestowed upon me yesterday from all these adages. Along this road I am walking now, I have begun to connect the dots as I look back and am always aware of where I am going forward...anticipating the path to tread next so that after living through it, I can filch another look back again to see how they all connect.

From my encounters yesterday through these gemstones I keep in my propitious pouch, I realized how forthcoming and effortless the waves of contentment can descend on me. It is then that it dawned upon me I must have been doing something right, and life is full of pleasant surprises.

I saw that the best things in life are unseen. That is why we close our eyes when we kiss, cry or dream.


jN said...

That's probably why they say, the best things in life are not seen through the eyes, but rather felt in the heart.

1699 said...

Aren't these the simple things that make you smile and happy throughout the day?

So, when you feel down, be rest assured that you're not alone and in fact, you're being treasured and loved by many people around u; :)

悦子 said...

we always feel happy through our sense and yet our heart, but not through our eyes, right?

no matter what kind of life waiting us at the corner, bring along the touch feeling, we can move further!


Han said...

jN: It's something intangible, vague, subtle, ethereal and elusive...that is why it is even better :)

1699: I guess you are right. More often than not it is the simple things in life that you come across everyday that makes you happy or smile so effortlessly sometimes. Thanks for your the thought, it made me happy reading it and smile realizing it...see, another simple and effortless action that has such a lasting effect on me =)

Etsuko: That's rite. That's why when you're asked to desribe your love or feelings for something or someone, more often than not you are at a loss for words. That's when you know you are sincere and genuine ;)

joslip said...

yo nigga! dont be ya rizzle ma dizzle yo! for shizzle me up cuzah me ain't no dissin' yo, biatch!

ok wtf...wateva.

i was just trying to come up with something to confuse you in my own language, like how you always do it to me with your goddamn 'chim' entries.

but glad u had a great birthday, could tell from ur words. and i like your ending line. i never knew that before. imagine! so true true.

Lian said...

your birthday speech is quite the inspiring, haha! it makes me feel like you want to tell something but can't reveal too much especialy with your so-called adages of rays, sea, cavalcade and night ;) i recalled you mentioning these in one of your previous entries. anyhow, i'm sure you had a blessed time. god bless u!

Ree said...

nice to know u keep the Lord close in ur heart when you are blessed with happy wonderful things/ppl in your life. ALways remember to give thanks and praise to Him :) i feel happy for u somehow when i read your post, hhaha! don't know why leh ;) eh fren, i still can't think of what to buy and i am still gonna do it so don't try to stop me, blek!

cindy said...

Glad that d 25th of Feb was made special for u this year by friends from near & far.....U sure had done many things right, han! *Hugs*
luv ur opening lines for the unseen truism ;)

Han said...

joslip: Your plan worked fine. I was confused and stupefied by you, yo'll! Glad to have enlightened you, mate. Now you're a little wiser than your yesterday's self ;) Haha!

Lian: You catch on pretty fast, don't you? ;) Yeah I had a great birthday and hopefully a good weekend too. So far so good, haha!

Ree: I do that, almost everytime I feel "luck" is on my side or I hit a streak of good fortune or an isolated event of providence. It comforts me. Oh yah, I gave up trying to stop you a few days back liao, ahahaha! Good luck finding whatever it is you're hoping to find la, LOL!

cindy: Awww, you give little credit to yourself, haha! You played a BIG part too ;) Bout the doing the right things part, I'm still not very sure about it. That's why I said "I must have done something right", right? But I don't think so still, LOL! The opening line was exactly how I felt about everything at that moment when I think of what happened for me :)

InceV said...

Wei han! can you help to understand what you mean in your 5, 6, 7 and 8th paragraph? haha! so chim. Glad you have a great time. So are we considered one of your gemstones in ur propitious pouch? lol! what the heck propitious means anyway?

Ryan @ MOURINHO said...

i really like ur closing sentence...

"I saw that the best things in life are unseen. That is why we close our eyes when we kiss, cry or dream."

How true. And yet, how strange that we never realize that all along. =)

Toodles! Glad u enjoyed ur birthday.

Han said...

InceV: Those paragraphs are simply my point of view on a certain few events and people in my life. As to the meaning, it's for you to interpret ;) Exactly! You guys who are all my friends are the gemstones I'm talking about, haha! The context of propitious I'm implying here is 'promising'.

Ryan: Yes, I didn't realize it before too until I started writing this entry :) Sometimes, it is all these small little things that we take for granted in life, but can shed so much of meaning in life for us. Glad you can appreciate the meaning being conveyed there, hehe! Thanks for the birthday wishes too and the FB retorts online that night while waiting for the Champions League game to start, LOL! What the heck is 'Toodles' anyway? Hehe!

Ryan @ MOURINHO said...

LOL..u're most welcome...after all, what are frens for anyway?

to be brutally honest with u, i don't really know what the hell is 'toodles' too..i think it might be some sort of a French greeting meaning "goodbye" but i stand to be corrected..

guess im just blending in with the culture here perhaps..haha..

Kelly said...

I like how u describe the ppl in ur life - adventurously wild and mildly cultured.haha! u really are gifted with words n how u can describe anything in such beautiful ways.

another line I like is - it is like art imitating life. i still don't quite understand your meaning here. care to explain?

glad you are a thankful person and found great happiness during your birthday last week. and your closing line left such an impression on me :)

yuin said...

Usually, the best things in life can be seen too, if we are gracious enough to accept changes and allow compromise. :)

Han said...

When you're back next, I'd like to ask you what would those things be? :) But I believe you as my statement is an oxymoron. But I would like to think we shouldn't compromise anything for something that is good in life and if it requires our compromise, then it's not really something good in the first place to begin with.