Saturday, March 7, 2009

Everyday Immortality (4)

Subatomic particles are not material things; they are fluctuations of energy and information in a huge void.

As I gaze upon these words above, an instantaneous state of comprehension clasped the actuality of my existing psyche. I did not require any assistance to sort out the affirmation from my amorphous credence of nebulous hallucinatory. I could discern the very simplistic and one-dimensional words of friendship, hopes, dreams, and deceit.

In my preceding reflections of these quotes, I concluded that the make-up of immaterial things were progenies of a life's hopes, dreams and energy. Therefore, the people that we come into contact with are playing pieces in the boardgame of comtemporary musing. They make up for what we all call our daily proverbial surroundings...the milieu of infinitesimal undertakings in each of our respective lives.

Within this proverbial environment that we call our norm, we are relentlessly inundated by the deceitfulness of individuals that culminates up to the huge void within us all. Humans are creatures of habits and we live in incessant denial. If only we were feeble in this persistence...because an environment of fervent fraudulence is what embodies the huge empty space within us all. It is how we know that we are living in reality and not in some flight of the mind's eye.

It is such a coincidence that I am pondering on this quote from the aftermath of a very similar and relevant incident that occured yesterday.

I am thinking at the moment that the friendships I have made thus far in my life, and the people that I have known to date, are the source of my hopes and dreams. They fill me with energy. But they also surround me with deceit on occasions. These interrelate with each other to give me a grasp on my reality, knowing that I cannot have one without the is called denial. With this knowledge from yesterday...this information, I am able to better endure, survive and exist in my sometimes unsympathetic ambiance moving forward...


Amy said...

Is this a case of a person whom you thought was a true friend only to learn now the friendship may not be that true after all?

Han said...

The person is still a true friend. It is me who set unrealistic expectation on the friendship, that's all :)

Ree said...

i hope it isn't me :P anyway, u gotta stop treating every1 so nice la....doing u no good at all man!! ppl who takes ppl for granted should not be worth ur time and effort at all or else keep getting disappointed onli.

Rabbit's Fewt said...

friends come in many shapes and sizes, remember that always :)

but also remember true friends are formless, that's why they are the best? an unseen? hehe!

Kelly said...

i guess the people who we care the most for are also the people who can hurt us the most. just be careful how you let these ppl into your life lor :)

Han said...

Ree: Even if it's you, would I reveal it here? LOL! Told you that I will always protect the ambiguity of my writings ;) But you are right, I shouldn't waste my time on people who are not worth my time. But I can't help it most of the time, I always find excuses for whatever wanton things they are doing to is my weakness.

Rabbit's Fewt: Your nick is a mouthful! Haha! Anyway, thanks for your friendly reminder. Hmmm, true friends are formless, I like that very much! Haha! I will remember that.

Kelly: The wounds of love can only be healed by the ones who made them, and the only ones who can commit those wounds in the first place are those that hold some of the dearest places in your heart. A story of chicken and egg...LOL!