Saturday, February 14, 2009

Everyday Immortality (2)

All material things are made up of atoms.

It is true that from a scientific and logical point of view, all materials in this universe are made up of atoms. Each particle of iota merging together into substances of molecules that are part of a larger constituent of matter that fuses with other particles from the surrounding elements.

To me, it simply means that whatever endeavours we go thru in life, any experiences we encounter while growing, or simply a problem that we have to unravel are all made up of dimunitive components of circumstances.

Nothing we face in our everyday life is impossible to weather past. Every problem has many causes and not just one cause. We must learn to see a situation or a problem or an experience as a constituent of many atoms. There are reasons for all of these. It is simply cause...and effect.

When we can see a problem for what it really is, we have to then take things one at a time, every moment of every day. It is from this realization that we decide how best to proceed next.

We often comfort ourselves with the fact that sometimes we have to learn things the hard way in order to grow, to become stronger and be the wiser. I say we all have choices and when we concede that we have to learn it this way or that way, we are surrendering to the fact that we are forced to do so. In truth, we are the determinants of the difficulty level in how we learn things. How easy or hard it is, is really up to us ultimately.

So if these are the make-up to all material things, what then of immaterial things?

Immaterial things are irrelevant.
They are unimportant and of no consequence.
They are beside the point, neither here nor there.
It makes no difference and it doesn't matter.

But immaterial in life is who we are.
It is ethereal, it is elusive.
Its vagueness are subtle.
It is all intangible but it is our mark.

All immaterial things are made up of a life's hopes and dreams and energy.


Daniel said...

i hav no fucking idea wat u juz wrote again...why, you wanna live forever izit?

Terry said...

can't help but smile when i read this :) it's like u juz struck a chord of enlightenment in me, haha. "all immaterial things r made up of a life's hopes n dreams n energy"...i like!

Lian said...

i believe in karma n whatever we do, there is a cause and an effect to it :)

Han said...

Daniel: I don't mind living forever, but that's not what I'm writing about, haha! When you wanna start writing your blog?

Terry: Hi there! Glad that I could enlighten you ;) It's only my humble and honest opinion on things, that's all.

Lian: I believe in karma too, what goes around comes around.

C-K said...

are you going thru some personal reflection path? some enlightenment? haha! deep stuff u write here. i think life is simple for me, but after reading urs, i got scared a little. maybe not doing enough for mine, LOL!

Han said...

Yes I am. Motivated by a close friend. These quotes are from a book. I will explain more in my coming entries. Right now I just want to get the momentum going. Don't mean to scare you, it's just my way of living my world :)

Am said...

hey mr. socrates...u wanna socrate everyone on valentine's day izit? feeling so socrated now by u :)

Han said...

alamak...say till lidet, haha! urself leh? no plans to go out and be valentined by ur valentino ka? the prospect of valentining this yr not valentitious enuf? haha!