Thursday, November 27, 2008

Echoes of Our Soul

People often claim themselves to be of many things. Honest, respectful, faithful, honourable, and responsible are among the many common claimed colours of a man, or a woman.
Have you ever wondered what your true colours are? It's not easy. Through the spoken words of others who looks through their own painted bifocals, the colours viewed maybe distorted.
The credence borrowed may not be completely truthful...or completely pretentious.
But there maybe a proxy to realizing this elucidation.

So, to start.

No names, I'll just state the people involved here as L, S, M, B and F.

L (female) is the girlfriend of M (male). Both were separated in an inevitable event and both were never given a chance to know of where each other were.
L misses M and to her heart's content, wishes to see M, but she doesn't know where to begin the search.
B heard of it and told L that he knows where M is and volunteers to bring her to M for a price.
However, the price is far too much for L to afford.
L then met S who soon offered to pay for the fees that B is charging in exchange for L's virginity.
L accepted the offer from S just for the sake of finding M.
F who is a friend of M heard of what happened and informed M of the truth.
Upon their meeting, the furious M broke his relationship with L.

Conclusion: L was most hurt, to lose her virginity and her boyfriend.

The question is:
Who is to blame the most and who is the least to be blamed?
If you still haven't given it a thought, please re-read before deciding and sharing your thoughts.

What is your answer?

The person whom you blamed most would reveal what you consider least important.
The person whom you blamed the least would be what you consider most important.

L - Love
S - Sex
M - Morality
B - Business
F - Friendship

You have been explicated.


Anonymous said...

didnt know ur bloggin again. miss ur cool entries, even the latest one. i blamed morality most and value love least. wat does that make me ah?

Anonymous said...

i blamed L the most while blamed M the least......

however the truth of the finaly answer not really fulfill the true color of me oh

yuin said...

plagarism at its best!

Wei Han said...

Anonymous (1): dont know who are u but u sound familiar, jun hoe? anyway, thanks a lot. to answer u, i think u basically juz think the bf (M) is a prick after how much the gf (L) sacrificed for him :)

Anonymous (2): dont know who r u too, pls put ur name next time la so i know who im talkin to :P anyway, i guess this test is not fool-proof as ur answers doesnt 100% tells u who u r or how u think but it's a good indication ;)

Mah: screw u! what a friend...

dragonflyz said...

I read thru and decided that

1. B is the worst!
2. S mayb likes L. knowing L heart belongs to M, this is the closest he can get.
3. F for being kaypoh..but aih, M's friend, what to do? =D
4. L and M..i cannot decide which comes first. L is stupid, M is...self centered.

Han said...

ju ann: haha, never thought of seeing it your way. especially about S. and L is stupid, omg, rofl!

Catherine said...

i blame S the most! guess sex is obviously not very important in my life.
and i guess i value love most since L is least blamed. quite true for me :)

Han said...

Hey Catherine, glad this little quiz rang true for yourself :) There were many inaccuracies with my other participants, LOL!

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