Monday, November 17, 2008

Selamatkan Negaraku

A repost of one of my previous entries on how absurd our government can be at times...

Once again I was appalled and disappointed by the virulent actions of our beloved country's administrators and administration. I stumbled upon an entry written by my friend today and I took a look at the article he was talking about. I could only shook my head in vain and snarl at the inanity of our Chief Justice. I was simply stupefied and disgusted by his statements. He even had the audacity and "common sense" to say the words he said. Are all important and high-ranking positions in our Administration occupied by individuals with brains the size of peas whom they sit on their sagging bottoms and nuts the size of bowling balls? Alas, time and again I have to concur that most of the positions are occupied by these rapacious and moronic homo-sapiens.

The lawyer added that the Datuk Bandar had failed to take into consideration the fact that Malaysia was a multicultural country and that the act of hugging and kissing was an expression of love which should be encouraged.

Hearing this, Ahmad Fairuz asked: "So, they should be given freedom to live as they like? The constitution allows all citizens to do that (hugging and kissing) even by the roadside, in a public park?"

You know what I have to say to you, Most Esteemed Chief Justice Tun Ahmad Fairuz Sheikh Abdul Halim? I think you are a sad person with a sad childhood. If what you say is true, I guess like what my friend said, we should start arresting all those people, loved ones, husbands and wives and families who kisses and hugs each other in the airport terminal, train stations or ports. In fact, why don't we start arresting all the politicians and great leaders of our country who hugs one another after a great meeting or conference? In fact, I will champion the cause of my friend to ban all television shows, movies, ads and live plays that constitutes a man and a woman hhugging or kissing each other? That way, there will be no influences on the young minds of our nation's children and thus, no cause for you to issue idiotic and bullish statements like the ones you just made.

This is just totally absurd. I have seen countless times that our Administration has a penchant for making small things big and big issues small. While the country is plagued with rapes, kidnappings, murder, incest, money-laundering, bribery, social irresponsibility and the likes, issues like kissing and hugging in public and gambling with friends and relatives during a festive season are hyped up and brought to light in the public's eye. How often do we hear that each reported cases of rapes, kidnappings, murder, bribery or social irresponsibility are solved with the perpetrator in costody? Rare indeed. With all the resources and manpower at their disposal, this is the best they come up with. No wonder more and more capable individuals are migrating out of our decrepifying country. Who's to blame them? While the real perps are out there roaming around to prey on new victims, the innocent are being persecuted.

These are just small crimes! If it can even be called a crime to kiss and hug in public. Grow up please, Administration. Stop being so childish. Aim for the big guns and do your job right. Then maybe for once, we can start respecting one another genuinely.

Personally, I think both the Datuk Bandar and the Chief Justice had a terrible teen life. I think they're just jealous of the couple whom they're prosecuting. C'mon people, how ridiculous you think it'll look on the Australian Times, New York Daily or The Star? YOUNG ADULTS BROUGHT TO COURT FOR KISSING AND HUGGING IN PUBLIC.

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