Friday, November 14, 2008

A Narrative Nonsense

A test run of my writing skill...

William and Sanders stood in the darkened foyer of the church. William fumbled with his keys as he locked the front entrance. He looked up verily and said, "You know what, I bet I'm the only children's pastor in the world with a concealed weapons permit, hah!". William pantomimed drawing a pistol from his pocket and fired off two imaginary shots at some unseen perpetrator.

"Uh, hello, you moron!" said Sanders. "You're probably the ONLY pastor in the worldwith a gun permit."

William holstered his pantomime pistol. "Yeah, you're probably right, but it never hurts to be prepared."

Sanders snorted. "Prepared? Prepared for what? Why in the world does a children's pastor needs a gun in the first place? Are you crazy?"

"You know," William reasoned. "In case there's a zombie outbreak or something."

"Oh, my Lord!" Sanders threw up his hands. "You and zombies. There's never been a stupid zombie outbreak to begin with."

William stared at his friend. "That's right. I stopped the first one before it could escalate."

"I don't even want to know."

"And neither does the government," said William. "You should be thankful to have a friend like me."

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