Thursday, November 13, 2008

Let It Snow

A repost from a time which will always remain close to my heart...

Truth happens when the best of us are caught off-guard by an innocent question. In a day filled with happenings and interesting incidents, I have made tremendous progress in my observation department.

It is no wonder that even the best or the nicest of us can succumb to the simplest of task. Some people may take a task as a task is; while others go to extreme extent just to prove a single point. When all reason is lost and what lies beneath the mask of enthusiasm and commitment are anything but a just cause, the reason that being in the beginning was misplaced. I have had my shares of responsibilities and commitments and creativity and excitement in my old glory days of high school. To think that the stuffs that made all these non-academic activities in university level was those you'd call "stuffs of legend", from a certain point of view, was anything but a deception carefully and consisely conceived by ourselves and those people whom we observe from afar.

In any case, favouritism was in abundance today which spawned several hooligans who in turn tried to make fools and morons out of us. Politics are not for the faint-hearted, but neither is professionalism. The difference between then and now, as I see it, is that when you served then, you were serving the school and the subtle indoctrination that every clubs, societies or student bodies give to its members. Serving now means a totally new level for everyone. It has so many meanings and yet in the end it means nothing. But one example I can readily see is that serving today means serving yourself to achieve whatever means necessary to further one's ends. The best part of this is, this is how the REAL WORLD works.

Gone are the days of chivalry, honour, and self-righteous. The numerous metropolitan-styled universities or institutes of higher learning that plague our world have become the breeding ground of selfishness, self-centeredness and twisted values. You may disagree with me in this on many grounds but I am sure you and I would both agree on the fact that innocence is a thing of the past. One may practice it while the other may just be aware of it but both are now players in the never-ending limbo of the manipulator and the person being used.

Anyhow, I was really entertained to the core of my bone today but shall not disclose any further which event or who set me off.

On a lighter note, the night was filled with another long chain of more interesting events. Think of Central Perk; multiply the number of people by 2; divide the enthusiastic minds by 2; minus off the no-shame attitude and plus the over-zealous heads and finally square it by sets of bombastic and exaggerative sentences, you get a center for perky people. Sometimes, you just got to know when you're telling the truth and when you're just making up a story so that you seem "cooler" or seem to know all. Say it the first time, it's a really good joke and worth scores of laughter by everyone. Say it the second time and it's still a reasonably decent joke but eyebrows are raised. Say it three times and more, you start to sound like a dork that is in dire need of constant attention. Ah, but anyhow life is too short. Live and let live.

The next thing I knew it, 2 minutes later I was in fact laughing in my heart about all this. Soon after that, the atmosphere just became literally and figuratively STALE. Imagine a convention filled with ardent Star Wars fans and a legion of Green-peace supporters. Boths sides fooled into attending the meeting and are forced to mingle. I'd kill to see that day happens. However, I still can't help myself from being totally and satisfactorily entertained the whole night. From every single axes that I could pan to, I see linear humility intersecting curves of over-confidence. I was stupefied! I have to give it to them all because it was such a gathering of different minds and backgrounds and upbringing and approach or view to life.

Frankly, I have nothing but admiration and respect and adoration for all of the things that have taken place today and to the people that made it possible. This was the kind of exposure I was expecting when I decided to transfer here.

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