Sunday, March 15, 2009

Our Legacy

A mother's touch is what breathes life into this world...

It is merely a feel, yet its effects are felt throughout the lifetime of a baby. It is so fragile, yet its nurturing power can smother the greatest fears a baby can face. It is sturdily delicate, yet its tender fostering is the only incalculable force in the world that can mold a life form into a toddler, an adolescent, a teenager and finally into an adult from the humble creation of a baby. This single inimitable feat cannot be replicated on any other known existing creatures or materials, natural or otherwise.

From this, a child of innate providence in its cocooned state of undeveloped individuality will come into being and into our lives. It is then that we realize how frail and forlorn this world was before their existence. The loneliness within that knew everything we kept inside is then dispelled away from our hearts.

Arising from the embers of loneliness, our hearts, minds and souls converge into a state of awareness knowing that what was before is not the same when realizing that the love of our lives, the love that we need, the love of our dreams and the love that we want ultimately come from the same source. The babies of today...our children of tomorrow...the hope for the future.

Therefore, we must cherish and care for our children to the very limit of our abilities and the best of our potential. They are the legacy of our birthright and if not cared for adequately, our heritage in this world would have been wasted down the age.

When you gaze upon the tiny frame of a baby, you are looking at the person that will inherit your affluence to live in your future and shape it for the next generation.

When you stare at the bulging sole of a baby, you are looking at the filial legs of your progeny who will carry you on in your twilight years.

When you watch the flimsy fingers of a baby, you are looking at the hands that will feed the world of tomorrow.

When you glance at the soft and undeveloped ears of a baby, you are looking at a listener who will heed the call of familial devotion.

When you glimpse the tender pink lips of a baby, you are envisioning the voice that will be the first words, laughters, cries and loving utterances, the source of your all-encompassing happiness.

When you perceive the wistfully dreamy eyes of a baby, you are looking into the soul of your own essence that completes you finally...and that is when you know that you have all the strength in the world to do whatever for him or her.

It is when you realize that this very being you will raise and nurture and eventually learn to love with all the fibre in your soul, will one day give you their every ounce of unending warmth and devoted affection. From there, you will finally understand what it means to love unconditonally no matter what because our babies are actually the reflection of our life. How well we lived ours will be played back in theirs. It is what pushes us on each day in our life in the pursuit of happiness. It is our legacy.

When we finally do pass on, we can tell God that during my time on earth, I learned that being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.


Lian said...

Whoa! This is something new. A mother's touch is the only incalculable force in the world? This is nice. i see your point in the sense that a baby can evolve into so many shapes, sizes and stages just from the "touch" of a mother.

I guess when we leave this world, our greatest legacy we will leave behind is our children, "our birthright" :)

From politics, suddenly into babies, hahaha! Did I miss something?

InceV said...

are u writing something for ur company? apasal bout bayies? LOL! i like what u said bout babies being the reflection of our life. it kinda makes you feel you have to take full responsibility for everything that they turn out to be, which why our parents are always so protective and why they say u are what your parents are....something lidet.

1699 said...

Interesting post about babies.. wink wink! ... Btw, love the end line: Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.. by Lao Tzu, right?

1699 said...

I thought this quote also fits quite well with your post:-

'You will find as you look back upon your life that the moments when you have truly lived are the moments when you have done things in the spirit of love.'


Han said...

Lian: Yeah, that's what I feel about a mother's influence in a baby's lifetime. We will always be babies in our parents' eyes, no matter how old we are and their force and influence on us is omnipresent. Immeasurable and unseen. Hence, incalculable. All the forces that we have learned in highschool and university are all measurable and finite, but the beauty of a mother's force? Incalculable...and therein lies the beauty of it :)

And no, you didn't miss anything. Mother's Day coming mar, ROFLOL!

InceV: Maybe it's someting for my company but it's P&C so can't reveal anything to you here, LOL! Joking lar. It's crazy sometimes when you think of it, but I guess it's something we young 'cikus' will never understand till the day we actually become dads, haha! But I am confident and sure the feeling and realization then will be priceless and beautiful to the very essence :)

1699: Hahahaha! Interesting hor? Yah, don't know what got into me writing such stuff ;) Yes, the closing quote is by Lao Tzu. It was originally intended for medieval China warfare strategy and philosophy but if you just try to interpret the literal meaning of this, it can apply to each and everyone of us on a day-to-day basis.

I like your quote too. When I read it, it makes me feel whole...for some reason I can't tell why :) Where is it from? It'll probably be one of those lines I wanna read when I turn 50 or something like that, one day, HAHAHA!

yCK said...

Hahaahahha =) Han this is so not you larr...writing about babies and mother and motherly love. but i must commend your efforts. not a bad post and some of the sentences are very meaningful and profound, not bad lah ^_^ just in time for Mothers Day like you said.

Han said...

Hahaha! You don't say, huh? What are you trying to imply here huh? Make me feel like I am an ungrateful son lidet :P Well, glad you could find some ounce of appreciation for this post. Anyway, not like my mom's gonna read my blog. Ahaha!

Rabbit's Fewt said...

For someone who is not a mother or even a parent yet, you can highlight some of the important aspects of parenthood and motherly joy in bringing up a child :) I agree with all your friends, this is so bloody random of you, Wei Han! What gives? Haha! Something tells me it is nothing to do with your company ;)

"When you perceive the wistfully dreamy eyes of a baby, you are looking into the soul of your own essence that completes you finally"

For me, you captured the idea of parenthood and the significance of creating new life here. It is so true. When I shared this with a colleague of mine who is a recent mother, she couldn't agree more with your words. That says something, coming from a mother. Will tell you more offline :)

Amy said...

the way you describe each body parts of a baby and its significance when they grow up and the change it went through growing up is symbolic.

Han said...

Rabbit's Fewt: Thanks...haha! Nothing gives la, aiyo. Saje-saje only wan. You guys make me sound like I am incapable of soft-tender-loving care. Teruk betul! I am happy that a real mother can appreciate what I said, although I had no idea what I was really talking about when I wrote that sentence. I just imagined the baby's eyes and wrote what it would have felt like to me if I were a father one day :)

Amy: Thanks. I think I missed out an important part - the soul/mind :)

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