Friday, December 12, 2008

Stead of Virtue

God gave us friends for a reason.
It is not something seasonal, it is tangible.
They are the siblings I never have.

Among the reasons I treasure most is the fact how these special people in my life will often guide me back onto the true path when I go astray in actions, words, thoughts and spirit.

They act as a funnel to my improbabilities.
They become the filter to my naivete.
They are my life buoy when I drown in the ocean of self disparagements.

It's their honesty that captivates me.
It's their loyalty that enthralls me.
It's their candor that reminds me.
It's their sincerity that ensnares me.

I am adjudicator to nothing save my own ineptness. The stead of virtue is the inaction of denunciation itself. For this I am grateful to God that I was humbled.


Ryan Ng said...

How ironic we both wrote something about 'friends' in our respective blogs at the same day. LOL.

Han said...

Haha, quite :) Btw, you only write at 'ryvian' rite? No other blogs?

Ryan @ MOURINHO said...

Yea. Tat's the only blog i have.
Too lazy to start another blog on my own. Haha!

yuin said...

God gave us friends so we can use them, and we must be able to provide them use too. lol.

Han said...

God gave me you as friend, lol!

Terry said...

I believe every word of your entry. Did you came up with it yourself? It's beautifully written.

Han said...

Thanks, once again! I only write what was in my mind at that time and like you, I believe every word of it :)

日月神教-向左使 said...