Friday, December 5, 2008

An Inconvenient Apology

How does it feel when you are indifferent?
How does it feel when you are callous?
What do you do when someone is ignorant?
How does it feel when you are left out cold?
What do you see when all you see is an empty screen?
How do you know when you are being stood up?
How can you learn if you can’t realize?
How must we sing the songs of forgiveness?
What other ways can you play the friendship card?
How does it feel when guilt has been served?
Where do you look when all you want to see is forward?
How does it feel when you look the other way in denial?
How do you know you have wronged someone?
How does it feel to patronize a friend?
What does it take to seek acknowledgement and responsibility?
When do you decide to play along in silent mockery?

How does it feel…what does it take…where do you look…when do you decide…?

Questions that kept flashing through my mind these last few days in snapshots of perpetuity and anonymity. I had no answers for these questions in trial. I searched deep within the recesses of my heart, I found no conclusion…till last night. Closure is what I seek to reminisce, to be at peace. When all was said and done, I could finally see that it was an inconvenient apology served…


yuin said...

Take it as it is, my good friend. :)

Han said...

Yes. There is a reason why God deal us all different hands of friends. Some to be exchanged, some to throw after viewing, some to keep for value, and some to serve as a wild card. Which one are you? Hehe!

dragonflyz said...

All friends r to keep for value =)

Han said...

Ideally, yes. Sadly in life, no. Sadly.

yuin said...

I am not your friend, my friend. I am just here to use you as a friend, my friend.
why am i so lame?