Sunday, June 17, 2012

Flipping Coins

It is inevitable that no matter how hard the most of us and the best of us try to keep things in our life as simple as possible, we all end up making it complicated for ourselves most of the time. Yes, the most of us...and the best of us.

It has always been easier said than done, such is the order of human's divine nature. Such has always been the inner struggle we all contend ourselves with throughout our existence...

The eternal internal conflict where realisable reality meets inherent impossibility.

It is this very idea that has enabled us to tread forward with hope, shedding away our shell of doubtful credence and donning the cloak of steadfast constancy.

Sometimes we sell ourselves short of other people's expectations. Rarely do we sell ourselves short of our own expectations. But when that happens, it is a sign that we have become too hard on ourselves.

It is like the stifled ricocheting of fallen autumn leaves bouncing off from car to car. No matter how fast or hard a car drives and hits the fallen leaves, they are never crushed. Always darting and bouncing off harmlessly, effortless and lightless. Its movements in a blur of all its natural majestic splendour, but always true and sure. Swaying in its relentless evasion of the vehicular onslaught, never having a constant path in the air, but always having a perpetual destination...that is to settle aground in every realisable reality.

Is this why then that we make the inherently impossible decisions in the pursuit of simplifying our self expectations?

Because if it is hope that has accompanied us forward from our conflicts, then the autumn leaves are exactly like the decisions we make in life. The cars being the people who drives us, expects from us and where we sometimes have to accomodate and compromise with them.

So if we ever doubt our decisions, if we ever think life is complicated, be rest assured that these things that happen may not have a constant path but the final destination is always in sight.

It never is easy when hard decisions are on the table. But it's never complicated to make them in the beginning.

When you have to make a hard decision, what do you do? You flip a coin. Why? Because when that coin is in the air, at the cusp of its realisable trajectory, just before the very crux of its inherent fall, you suddenly know what you are hoping for.


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