Monday, October 27, 2008

Thursdays with Morris

The following is another repost (parts only) from my previous blog that I'd like to continue sharing. I feel the meaning is too lasting to me to simply just ignore. It's actually a piece of my thoughts on relationship - how the boy and the girl should treat each other...

The boy and girl should treat each other like precious gold. Sometimes, the boy should have the initiative to bring the girl to do something that he likes a lot, the girl should follow willingly and happily, no matter how stupid, absurd, silly or ridiculous it seems. The same goes for the other way too. It's ok if sometimes the boy has to give in to her, even if it means his pride and ego, especially in the face of his friends. After all, she is the love of your life, it ain't worth keeping your pride and ego. This applies to girls too, not just one-sided. Be sensitive too! Be able to tell what is not an effort and what IS when your loved one does something for you. If you missed out on the effort, you might disappoint him/her and make your partner feel unappreciated. This is very true, things tend to get taken for granted too easily. I guess these were what I said to TS and Char.

...just something I shared with two friends a long time ago. It's strange reading these words that I actually said in the past. It's like looking at the reflection of my former-self. It raised several profound questions like am I still the same? Was I that different compared with myself now? No one can truly answer this for me, I guess. The answer will definitely elude me always. I guess the best way...and the only way is how the closest people who mean something to me, actually see me.

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