Monday, October 27, 2008

Perceptions (classic) - repost from 28/8/04

How well does a person actually knows himself? Do you really know how good you are, nice or kind? Or you just know you are? Today, I realized that you can't possibly know what kind of person you are until someone comes up to you and tell you just that. I mean, you can't just assume what you do sometimes is what people see as nice and goodly, rite?

That's how I felt today during a certain time of the day. It's nothing serious, it was just a realization of ignorance. I found out that when someone appreciates a certain trait of another, they don't just go up to the person and say it. They'll probably go to a third party and say something like "oh, he's so kind and all...she's just such a pure hearted person". And we'll just nod away in agreement.

In a similar matter, I had to listen to a short string of praises from someone close about her friend. It dawned on me that I did certain things in the past to deserve such compliments too but why I didn't? Well, hehehe...the answer is simple, you won't just hear a compliment about yourself as easily as you might with a bad gossip. The moral of the story: what goes around doesn't necessarily comes around.

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