Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Another edited repost from my previous blog...I guess this is something I'd like to carry forward in my life wherever I go. I realized the following during one of the most memorable outing with 3 of my closest friends a very long time ago before we all embarked on our own separate journeys in life...

You can never truly know a person till you see him in the presence of his closest and oldest friends.

Later as I was sending them home, I felt somewhat lost for words. Some feelings of abandonment was in me. I know it's silly. I dropped Mah first, then YH and finally JC. I wished I was Mah. It's always easier to leave the car first than to watch everyone else leave before you. That way, you don't have to deal with the after-feelings. It's even worse when you're that person driving.

Just like my life; 2 years ago, I was supposed to be the 1st among my close friends to go to Australia. I didn't. Fast-forward to present, I'm going to be the last to leave Klang. I have to face the after-feelings now. I have to be the more determined one now. HC's making an impact in his life, making himself known throughout his social circle. He's good at what he does and is hoping to make his mark in New York. Gan's in UK pursuing an engineering degree too. JC's pursuing a doctorate degree in Ukraine, an endeavour I very much respect. Mah's an accomplished person, having loads of experience in the real world and under scholarship. YH's very dedicated to his work and is aiming to become an architect. If you've seen his works, you'd be impressed. I am.

For me, I have yet to carve out the path of my destiny. The next big thing for me is industrial training. The choice of company is vital as it will determine where I'll be in the next 3 years. Before that, I have to ensure I make it to Melbourne, where it will be my proving ground. Prior to that, I have to do well for my exams.

I hope the best for JC...and the rest. It's strange that now, I really, really want to go to Australia.