Wednesday, February 8, 2012

A Few Five People

Just like how the river needs the rain to flow, life is a chain of constant changes in culture and customs needed in the master tapestry of show.

Experiencing the dismal task of needing to unlearn whatever you have learned and practiced over the many long years simply because you have been wrong about many a thing is never a pleasant realization. Especially if you have been blinded and deluded. 

These decisions made in the past trail the present like an aimless reaper out to place a death mark on the future, but only briefly. It is from this very spot that you begin to appreciate the gravity and sum of all fears and hopes with denominating dreams and binomial beliefs.

Isn't it simpler just to say that the eruditions of exceeding expectations exemplify extreme echoes of enchanted entryways into an ensemble of epiphanies?

Not it doesn't...but it is here that your mind lurches out for actuality in an eventual truth. The main players in this game of tapestry are thus the five people.

So it begins...

On the other side of the river of constancy, spread across the greener plains of allure is the people you want in life. They are always the easiest and most profuse choice. Are they the best? These types represent the unknown in our hearts, spurned from the curiosity of our familiarity and fueled by the yearning sensation of proscribed providence. Here is where the embodiment of your character is at its thinnest virtue and lowest conscience. Loyalty, honesty and trust are merely backdrops in this region.

Every rule has its exception and the argument here is that some of these people eventually become the person you need in life. There is greater credence here on the word 'need' than what is lent. It is here where Fate decides to host a weekend party with Destiny, while Luck shows up late with Serendipity and Order is seen dancing with Chaos in the enclosure prepared by Providence. Amidst the cosmic rivulet of this mix are the individuals you really needed. For better of worse and what other unknown purposes, you will never discern until you have sat through the entire celestial afternoon party. Then you can connect all the dots looking backward.

As natural as every eventuality, you open up yourself and allow them the independence to affect your life. They become people who help you. Indirectly or otherwise, they become the determinant of your heart. When you open up yourself to the kindness of others, you consent to the consequences of receiving love and dealing out affection in return. They become people who love you.

What goes up will surely fall and you will always be instinctively counting down the time. Thus, as the heart loves so must it break. Therein rests the ingenuous irony of the people who have hurt you from the very same people who love you. It is confusingly harsh that two of mankind's strongest and most influential emotions come from the same source of people. At the nadir of your poignant sorrow, you must grasp that the only way for you to stop hurting is for them to be gone. It is when you know they have become the very people who have left you.

Everyone needs a few five people in their lives. Because if you don't believe enough in anything, at the very least believe that God doesn't give you the people you want, he gives you the people you need. To help you, to hurt you, to leave you, to love you and to make you the person you were meant to be.

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