Saturday, May 22, 2010

When Honour Meets Envy

I have often mused about the trappings of an adult life and the definition of it. Allegorical questions like what it takes? how it works? who to look to? and where it leads? are but a few of the more abstract anonymities that vexes my mind this morning.

But perhaps the grayest conundrum of all is the question of WHEN?

When to be strong and vulnerable?
When do you persist in the face of futility?
When do you give up?
And when do you honour?

The list of rhetorical questions will undoubtedly go on perpetually because life is also a life-long learning process of mistakes. When you unveil the curtains of interweaving mendacities, you will regard the underpinning truth of it all - where all the answers are already entwined within our own beliefs and faiths.

Most of the things we do in life are a series of mistakes - of us missing to understand the stakes of our actions against everyone and everything around us. Its affectations have long since being the keystone to the way we conduct ourselves with the dynamics of our surroundings and the capriciousness of human nature.

I just have to go out into the world, bring along a mirror and look into it. I will see that being a grown-up comes with a lot of emotional responsibilities and mental acuity as I gaze into the people and world around me through my own indistinct reflection.

We all stand on our own patches of grass that it is always easier to look at someone else's pasture and justify all the fallacies for our desire on it. Each day in our waking moments, we have to contend with the achievements and failures of others - dealing out determining decks of judgment cards to them in hopes we may have some sort of précis from it all.

As others grow in stature and feat, there are individuals who cannot face the fate of a man's affluence. I will not lie to myself by claiming I am above such notions. Like everyone, I am only human. It is the capacity in which we bring ourselves back to solid grown and steadfast affinity that perhaps will define us for the character we could be.

People come and go. We lose and gain new friends from time to time. Successes will come knocking at your doorsteps many times, so does failure. We are not oblivious to the accomplishments of others, nor are we absently empathic of their defeats. Ultimately, everyone wants to see themselves better than others and we all strive to do that in our lifetime.

I just want to remind myself that no matter how well others do in life, I should never compare. Even more so if that person is a friend because life is more than just about the paycheck you receive at the end of the month, the key in your pocket that opens the door to a high-end property or the turbo sound of your ride coming when you sent your valet.

It is about acknowledging the reality that it is in the character of very few men to honour without envy a friend who has prospered.


RcK said...

not easy living in a world of high achievers. sometimes is the nature of our environment that made us competitive and hope to see others fail?

Crystal Hew said...

Never compare yourself to the ones above you. Compare yourself to those who are less unfortunate. And be grateful for what you have.

Envy- is one of the 7 deadly sins! haha

Anonymous said...

Success is self defined....

U can't gather all the richness in the world to be happy... In the beginning, it may be the pay cheque... the car... the house... The list will NEVER end due to our greed...

Self reflection:
You may own the most majestic & expensive house in the world one day... but is it a home?

What makes you happy? Find that answer and you'll be rich in your own way...

Han said...

Yes, comparing never actually did anyone real good. It's sinful like you said it ;)

I guess being rich to me is being happy, contented with what you do for a living, finding joy and self satisfaction in my work, my friendships/relationships. But I think it won't hurt to say "being able to buy the things I like in my life" and that equals to money, haha!

Anonymous said...

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Han said...

Hi Anonymous, I'm interested in your college assignment. How did this entry helped you? I don't mind sharing more details, but I'll need your e-mail address :)

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