Monday, May 18, 2009


The sun rose up into the enthralling expanse of the surreptitious skies and descended into the mesmeric mesas spread out across the haunting horizon of the furtive flatlands. The wind blew athwart the untainted uplands and left behind a lingering squall of riveting breeze. A streak of fiery flare whizzed across the blackness of the starlit night, leaving a trail of blue brilliance as the only evidence of the overlooked shooting star.

The outline of a distinct figure stood at the edge of a ledge observing the singular spectacle unfolded before him. With a knowing gaze, he tilted his head down and noticed the periphery silhouette of reality around him...the realization that he has not trespassed in the secret plateau lately. It was the infringement of steadfast constancy that has been purged from this land.

But little did he knew that just at the apex of the distant horizon looms the encroaching enigma that will revivify the inhospitable terrains that now plague the panorama before him. As the tectonic shifts of relentless reproach reshapes the ground below his feet, weariness cloaks the lone figure but not before imparting on him the truth that if he cannot be contented with what he has received, be thankful for what he escaped instead.

Reeling from relentless restlessness can be resentful but rewarding if rightfully requited.


★ whoaamello ★ said...

"if he cannot be contented with what he has received, be thankful for what he escaped instead." I like this.

Lian said...

Goodness me!! your last sentence....what a tongue twister! flabergasted, LOL! No idea what is your meaning there man ^_^

Han said...

Sometimes we are so far-sighted we fail to see what we already have, or sometimes realizing that we don't have something is actually a blessing.

It means I am at the edge of tolerance and patience.

Amy said...

finally a post! you are right. you have not been 'trespassing' your so-called secret plateau lately. hope everything went well with the new product launch..must be what kept you so busy and away.

I hope you do not fall over your edge of tolerance and patience as it can be 'rewarding' if you know how to manage the stress and pressure.

Anonymous said...

Don't judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant.

~Robert Louis Stevenson~

So, hang in there... U'll pull thru because no man is useless while he has a friend. :)

Han said...

Haha, didn't know I have an ardent reader. The project went as well as any other new product launch can go, as far as Murphy's Law allowed it, so you get my drift la. I think I'm already falling but thankfully it's not a free-fall. Along the way, there are many outcroppings and loose ropes for me to grapple onto but most importantly, I see familiar extended hands reaching out for me and I'm heartened by that.

You're doing it again, always with your reclusive identity :) Anyway, as to your quote, you're right that I shouldn't judge each day that I go thru by the harvest that I reap because that is not representative of everything that is about to happen in the long run; but I do not know either what sort of seeds I have planted lately. I don't think I have. I don't see it, feel it, dream it and probably that is why.

Hanging in there la, by not dwelling on things anymore and moving forward. That's the only place I should look to at the moment, that's why God made our eyes capable of only looking one direction, the forward direction.

Ree said...

heyhey..somehow i knew u'd write something bout what you told me this afternoon.... jus remember what i shared and know that you will not be alone in this if you know how to ask Him, and pls pls don't be lost at the moment.

just like what u ownself say - be thankful for what you escaped. give thanks to what you already have.

Amoeba said...

finally update pun :) like very stress saje, hmm. Don't know your work very well still. u shoul elaborate more the other day :P just hang in there? and look forward like u said. Good thing now is I know who i can find to come up with good tongue twisters that actually makes sense, HAhAHA!

Han said...

Hey hey...LOL! Yah, I will surely recall what you say lar :) I think I sent out the wrong signal here, this post isn't actually all that sad and gloomy lar, ROFL! It isn't as serious but yeah I hit a few bumps early this week and last week. However, it is really really nice to know I have friends who will be there in a ZAP without me asking :)

Apa finally? Macam lar you ikut setiap edisi, HAHA! Memang ada stress skit kut. Tapi dah OHKAY dah. Yeah, when we have the chance to hang out again, hopefully soon, I shall e.l.a.b.o.r.a.t.e more, k? Hehe! Yeah, I'm good for nothing except sensible tongue twisters. wait lah!

yCK said...

eh han, like the message you are trying to share. especially your 3rd paragraph's last sentence. its so true. good that you see it yourself too, then i trust all will be ok with u. if not, you know who u can bug. eh seriously you should have studied lit man...hhhahaha! your last sentence memang macam penutup from a literature book.

Han said...

it'd be very expensive to bug you ;) there you go again, your constant preaching of how i should be in lit or law. i dont think i can ever do that lar, it is two different things studying those stuff and just doing plain simple writing from my heart ;) like a penutup from a lit book? macam kan? LOL! tak sangka, fuyoh!