Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Project Peeks: Lincoln (An Oscar Mix in the Making)


Before you read on, care to guess who is the person in the picture above?

Not many actors among Hollywood’s arsenal can overshadow a director as prominent as Steven Spielberg. Then again, not many directors are as remarkable as Spielberg. That fact alone makes this actor even more extraordinary.

Before I peek on, this is NOT a prequel or sequel to Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. Let’s admit it, that movie was crap. Really?! Abraham Lincoln the vampire hunter? What’s next? Herbert Hoover the exorcist? George Washington the treasure hunter? And don’t tell me there is a difference between a vampire hunter who happens to be a president, and not a president who is a vampire hunter.

Let’s lay down the facts straight. Yes, Spielberg is directing this movie. Yes, it is a biopic film about the 16th President of the United States. Yes, it is a movie about one of the most celebrated and significant individuals in history. With all that said, it is not about Abraham Lincoln.

By now, have you figured out who is the person in the photo above?

This Lincoln above is spotted wearing jeans, a sweater and a pair of snickers taking a break in a local Virginia café having a little lunch. Look closely and look past the clothing. You will see that very, very familiar Lincoln face we have all come to know so well throughout history. It is uncanny, even a little unsettling. But I think it is vividly intense. The casting is brilliantly genius.

That is Daniel Day-Lewis. And he is Lincoln.

A movie that is sure to be a major contender for next year’s Oscar awards season. This is one movie where the actor actually outshines a director’s influence in the movie, an influence belonging to someone like Spielberg’s calibre. It is one movie where the artist exceeds the role he is playing, a role that is as big as one of the most famous US Presidents in history, and also the world.

Day-Lewis will bring the President to life in a way never before seen on the big screen. This is the Day-Lewis who captured one of my earliest silver screen imaginations as Hawkeye in The Last of the Mohicans. He’s got 2 Oscar awards for Best Actor, more noticeably as the Mr Daniel Plainview in There Will Be Blood. Hell, he is Bill ‘The Butcher’ Cutting from Gangs of New York. Enough said. I personally just cannot wait.

Mr Day-Lewis aside, this movie is going to be Oscar-sensational. The film also stars Joseph Gordon-Levitt (who was sensational in The Dark Knight Rises) and Tommy Lee Jones. This project has a lot of the right ingredients in the mix. This movie is highly tipped to spot an automatic lock for Best Actor and possibly Best Picture in 2013.

What do you think of Day-Lewis as Lincoln?

Lincoln is scheduled for release on the 9th of Nov, 2012.

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